What is Your Fitness Personality?

What is Your Fitness Personality?

Finding the right exercises that fit in your lifestyle may be the key to sticking with them.

Feeling bored of the current workout routine?

Trouble getting-or staying-motivated for workouts?

You may not be doing the right exercise for your personality!

Here the trick is to find the type of activity that suits you, so you’re more apt to stick with it. It makes a huge difference matching exercise to your personality type, because if you are doing something you don’t enjoy, you are not making use of your time for your good.

Our True Emotions

  • Open & Positive: Open to new experiences with a positive mind 
  • Closed & Negative: Not interested to try out new experiences with a down attitude
  • Agreeableness: Friendliness and likable attitude towards others
  • Impulsive & Fearful: How we react and and exercise self-control 

The Fun-seeker

Primarily driven by the “fun factor” that activities offer, you’re very social and also not in a race with others. The health benefits you get while exercising are only good side effects for you. Lack of commitment can be one of your fitness roadblock. You may find it hard to stick with a regimen once the novelty wears off. "For everyone, the best activity is always the activity you enjoy,”

The Team Player

You’re very competitive & very social but not the cutthroat; win at any cost Type. You prefer exercising with a team, friend or even a personal trainer. May need others company to inspire you because you may have difficulty following your fitness goals on your own.

The Solo Athlete

Competitive with yourself, you have no problem following a strict, hardcore workout regimen. You’re independent and you are likely to be a disciplined perfectionist with a high level of endurance and mental toughness. This type of personality often has a narrow focus on their sport/exercise of choice. You can get too much of your energy consumed in athletics. Just as a precaution, it’s important for you to work on the concept of balance and appreciate the surrounding new changes. 

The Holistic Type

Independent and Open to changes, you think fitness is essential part of your overall physical and mental health. Having a true sense of balance & acceptance, considering your body as a temple, you wouldn’t do something that causes you to get out of the harmony & alignment. You are likely to enjoy exercises which focus on improving your own fitness, and it doesn’t really matter if you have people around you or not.